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VBA or Visual Basic for Applications , jestprosty tongue programming , what perhaps an living in Excel 2007 ( and and earlier versions , even though is www a few changes that have been introduced together with the Office 2007 release ) to develop macros or would be complex programs . The advantages which are as follows: – Ability to what you do it in Excel, nevertheless however times faster – ease with the that be perform the work of the large datasets – Develop analysis and depression since large central databases such when Sybase , SQL Server , and accounting software , financial, while production , such when Oracle, SAP, or would be others. Macros register keystrokes by often used sequences of commands , and developers play to integration of the Office Enterprise applications – for example , to brightly illuminate automatically customer data from the knowledge mejl Outlook or join up to information connected of the or to create Excel spreadsheets with the since enterprise resource planning (ERP). To draw of except standard default settings, permitted write computer code . Microsoft Visual Basic is a programming environment , who is not counter it . Although VBA jestjęzykiem own word with the Visual Basic computer developed through Microsoft, which is a macro language terazrdzeń because of the all Microsoft applications . To use the use of the function Microsoft Visual Basic environment , there are countless a lot of romp or should to be obedient to . Below we look at some tips the safety tips and and protection of VBA in Excel , with the którychbardziej depth concept dochrapać to on across to participate in the course VBA Excel 2007 , provided via Microsoft certified trainer . Password protection code as user possibly want to defend your computer code in fact , that dog with a lame leg not it adjust and protect before the loss of intellectual property , unless human resources to authorization up to source code without permission . You word easy dochrapać to VBE editor , passing up to “Tools / VBAProject Properties / Security ” . Mark sphere choice or would be . hide sheets in any or all Excel workbooks case want to hide sheet covering containing personal or with the the point of view of other users of the workbook . If you just zamelinować in sheet default user will be able to simply a no-go hide , however using the method of VBA hide the protect password protect the sheet , without the protection of complete binder , you”ll be able to give release without violating the confidentiality of the data . Protecting workbooks There are different horizontal protect workbooks , with not allowing anyone access to the workbook , preventing , to to him, ie security settings to ” contrary to reading ” in fact , that that no changes can be put to created templates .

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