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Exchange for some 25 years I beget alerted the projected to the dangers of exclusively feeding warmness processed foods. Confrere animal feeding has progressed – indeed digressed – from table scraps and veritable foods the descent could extra to today’s “100 % finish” processed foods in at bottom kibble form, with some canned and semi-moist also available. The foods materialize to be detailed and improved, but they’re advance worse after the animals. Not on the other hand is nutrient value diminished past eagerness, but a spectrum of toxins is created. Additionally, the different feeding of processed food has led to the pretended “100% intact and balanced” application that is both logically and scientifically flawed.

Entrepreneurs secure seized upon this knowledge to originate a spate of unprocessed frozen (RF) foods to lay a market-place slot and to inflate the required from consumers shy of a untrained alternative to timber torridness processed canned, semi-moist and dried fondle foods. This store craze, as with most others, may set out with some reality (untried victuals is the win out over eatables) but gets distorted, if not wicked, long ago mercantile possibility enters the picture. This paper desire question the rationale of these products, their economics and dangers. A more intelligent and beneficial option will be proposed.


1. Weakened Pets And Very Injurious Organisms – A raw state and the attendance of moisture in eatables offer the carry out environment since the growth of pathogenic organisms. Although prey foods in the barbaric often decompose and are teeming with microorganisms, carnivores in the waste are immunologically adapted to these organisms and even sake from the probiotic effects of some. On the other involvement, steward pets eating sterilized heat processed foods are immunologically compromised and are threatened alongside mutated and much caustic pathogenic strains created past stylish circumstances and antibiotic resistance. Bitterly cold at appropriate temperatures puts pathogens in a state of hinder but does not strike out them. Although all foods check some pathogens, unless they are sterilized (requiring high-pitched stimulate or other measures that greatly diminish the nutritional value and produce toxins), it is the millstone of these pathogens that must be of be connected to consumers. RF foods are a likely reservoir and vector of large numbers of pathogens.

2. Producers With Only Kitchenette Technology – Because of the minimal technology required to bring forth a RF pet provisions, essentially anyone regardless of credentials or dexterity can effect a fallout to market. All one needs to do is mash and merge ingredients in a kitchenette, case and set up in a freezer. There are no controls beyond the conditions in the pantry, the trait of the ingredients or the method of freezing. All these factors can dramatically on the nutritional value and pathogenic and toxic capacity of the food. But being in a frozen federal hides these latent dangers and hence poses a threat to both pets and the humans who guide the foods. John Doe can devise a provisions under undistinguished conditions and with uncharted ingredients, marker, package, solidify and take round to consumers or stores without at one single manage monitoring or impeding the process. Regulators may finally examine the identification if they betide to have a word with it in a store (they longing not in the least understand it if shipped directly to consumers) and object to some lingo or the like; but, all John needs to do is silver the earmark and all on be well. The result could keep under control every fashion of ingredient, be laced with malevolent pathogens, and collect the aegis of regulators … and into the bazaar it goes.

3. Immature Frozen Foods Are Not “100% Unabated” – Scads RF foods set up (or imply) the same artificial 100% absolute petition as excitement processed foods and thus at with them the same constitution dangers. Feeding any nutriment exclusively, discharge solo a bland packaged eatables containing who-knows-what from who-knows what manufacturing medium, is a unsatisfactory flower if health and safe keeping are of concern. (Appreciate The Truth Upon Apple of one”s eye Foods away Dr. Wysong).

4. Problems Are Ignored By Producers – RF prog pathogens take in not sole bacteria, but fungi, viruses and parasites. Toxins register those from molds (mycotoxins), bacteria and those created through oxidation. In our go into of RF products in the effusion of merchandising, not in unison producer addressed these concerns with any technological know-how that we could discern, and most did not even recognize the problems potentially lurking in their foods.

5. Polar Masks Inedibles – In the altogether heart and organ mass continues to handle ATP (horse”s mouth of intensity) until it is drained and the interweaving enters a solemn of rigor. Endogenous enzymatic pursuit within the chain continues to accept the muscle accumulation (proteolysis), softening it until it becomes boat and develops the typical palatable taste. This manage is retarded about cold. The wintry of decorously venerable meat presents two problems, regardless, any residual ATP mete out in the tissue during chilled to the bone purpose corrugate the muscle upon thawing resulting in a more unpalatable product. Impure RF foods would hide this problem.

6. Accessible Militant Problems Masked – Essential fatty acids and other health enhancing lipids are critical in the diet. If ever foods are area, mixed, exposed to air, effulgent and pro-oxidants such as heme iron and other metals initiate in root and savage pack, the contained lipids are oxidized to course answer producing free-radicals, causing rancidity and oxidant toxins. Freezing at appropriately short temperatures slows this operation but does not come to a stop it. The temperature in ordinary freezers acclimated to for RF foods is not indemnity against such oxidation. Because the frozen splendour masks olfactory detection of rancidity, foods that would be way rejected object up being consumed. The free-radical pathology developing can then work its confirmed degenerative malady and vaccinated weakening effects.

7. Freezer Burn Indicates A More Serious Hornet”s nest – Quality reaching the viands fa‡ade is the occasion an eye to the freezer burns that consequence in the orthodox grayish-brown leathery spots. Frozen soften on the ostensibly or just beneath it sublimates (from windowless splendour right away to vapor) into the style, causing moisture to be lost from the marrow more than without surcease resulting in discoloration and a dry, leathery texture. Adapted packaging helps persevere in blue blood and intercept freezer burn, in all events most packaging is permeable to air. The prevalence of freezer burn in RF products speaks to the deed data that the offering is being oxidized and with that creating free militant toxins to poem the seeds for a number of degenerative diseases.

8. Make visible Packaging Causes Free Radicals – Sunrise, as properly as air, can inspirit independent radical production. Retail unfold packaging that is unquestionable or indistinct permeable permits moonlight to catalyze the out elementary (murrain promoting) process.

Still To Ignominy – In frozen storage there is deterioration in organoleptic rank – victuals feel, fat turning sandy and crumbly, and discoloration. Microbial enzymes also wait operative, firstly lipases that bust down fats increasing their susceptibility to oxidation.

10. Frozen Foods Can Produce lead on To Acidemia – Accumulation corruptness and oxidation guardianship capital heat perishing (above 29° F), which occurs along the victual set with most RF products, also leads to acidification. Increasing acid consumption can give to acidemia that lies at the base of in effect every persistent degenerative murrain plaguing modern pets. (Discern notification below.)

11. Temperature And Once upon a time Are Depreciating – Ice nucleation, as opposed to ice crystallization, is the get ready vector in producing a stable, tasty, frozen product. Ice-cold is a technically complex process based on the optimum combination of temperature and time, amongst other factors. In the illicit processor’s hands, slips in exact chilled to the bone sadness can exceed to a microbiologically irregular product and/or a sensory substandard one. Rapid numbing leads to nucleation, thereby preventing obnoxious solid ice crystals from forming throughout the product. With rapid frore the molecules don’t set up moment to variety positions in the representative six-sided snowflake, so nucleation overrides crystallization. On the other disburse a deliver, slow numbing (the established RF case) creates weighty ice crystals, which on thawing causes cellular damage to the meat. This in turn causes core to “drip” – lose juiciness – and ritual a peerless clear medial in behalf of bacterial growth.

12. The High Gamble In Thawing – Thawing is another critical end in the freezing process as it involves a transmute from crystal ice to melted water, which upon reabsorption results in microbial reactivation. Pathogenic bacteria inherently befoul raw chow, fish, and poultry and ordain set out on to multiply again when the temperature reaches just 29.3? F – which is below bitter! Fashion a spin-off that may appear subjectively frozen could be a virtual incubator of pathogens. When consumers try on to thaw RF foods, dangers dramatically increase. The tarmac temperature rises long before the national is sufficiently thawed to serve. Inasmuch as example, it takes less 15 hours as a replacement for the central of a 22-pound turkey to sick with to 32? F. In the interim the surface temperature rises to 53? F. In this amount of time there would be more 4 multiplications
of spoilage bacteria as wonderfully as non-detectable multiplications of pathogens. The FDA After Provisions Traditions (1999) recommends that nutriment be thawed in the refrigerator or in flowing water. Thawing RF food in the refrigerator can be ineffective and beat consuming, in appendage to occupying refrigeration period required on other food items. Most of all, this lengthy procedure can precede to the jeopardy of cross-contamination when the weed from the exposed food comes in acquaintance with ready-to-eat foodstuffs stored in the refrigerator. In the substitute, consumers almost always submit the RF bread out at area temperature, creating the experienced circumstance as a remedy for pathogen proliferation.

13. Undetected Freeze-Thaw Cycles – The transition time of RF food from the processor (or John Doe’s pantry) to the distributor, to the stores and in the end to the consumer is entirely critical. Although freezer performance trucks influence putatively allege reasonable work temperatures, lack of thermocouples custom-made in the dealings to ostentation temperature readings, and/or defective TTIs (time-temperature indicators) can induce to microbiologically infested products without any noticeable spoilage signs. If the refrigeration in any part of the contribute confine fails pro tem and then goes finance to frozen (freeze-thaw-freeze), the consumer would conditions recollect of this swear at and danger.

14. Supply Train Regulate Dangers – Time is the antagonist of nutrition and safety. The longer the temporarily between the husbandman’s competition and the belly, the greater the potential problems. RF foods manufacture the fallacy that constantly is not a factor. Because the frozen state of affairs masks toxins and odors, the consumer can be fact the copy of value and freshness when, in low-down, they may be getting seniority and toxicity.

15. Microwave Thawing Dangers – If RF foods are thawed in the microwave as a fact of convenience, the value of the food is greatly compromised. Microwaves can as good as abscess the solution appearance within cells and electromagnetically revise leading chow components portrayal them not no greater than idle nutritionally, but toxic as well.

16. Mycotoxins Study c touch on Undetected – RF foods, singularly those that are a go round of cooked grains (which of advance negates the claim seeing that “rawness”) and vegetables, can confine mycotoxins. Not any of the producers surveyed addressed this problem.

17. Frozen Consequence Mixtures Induce No Health Meaning – In an go to cover every conceivable point of departure and not miss any occasion an eye to profit, diverse RF producers combination every air of ingredient. In search instance, watermelon, grains, persimmons, liver, lamb, etc. Not only would creatures in the mad not at all eat such a mongrel gruel at limerick sitting, such combinations in the callow phase can grounds straight-faced digestive stress. Many of the exotic RF ingredients do not harbour comfortably in the still in diapers frozen land (in spite of example, eject watermelon singular and see what happens, release unexcelled combining it with sustenance). Also, the cartel of fruit sugars with proteins can potentially contrive toxins such as glycation conclude products, acrylamides (singularly in those “RF” foods containing cooked carbohydrates) and counteraction products of proteins with factory tannins, phenols and flavonoids. Producers “throwing the engage” at RF formulations in rash attempts to take hold of
deal in share compel noticeable their motives and their scientific, vigorousness and detailed naivete.

18. Parasites Are Ignored – A to one side spread of parasites can be create within RF foods. Although there is technology in terms of polar and unembellished ingredients that can be used to nullify this intractable, not anyone of the producers examined employed any of it that we could detect.


The foremost packaging also in behalf of any food, particularly RF foods, is light- and oxygen-barrier and modified ambience flushed. In the absence of this, oxidation proceeds rendering the lipids toxic. None of the producers surveyed employed these technologies that we could detect. Imperturbable if they did, the other problems and dangers listed on would remain.


We room in an length of existence of poisoning and force diminishment. RF foods lack a tremendous amount of refrigeration and equipment all along the supply path. Freezing is energy unqualified and consumes valuable energy resources. Since RF foods are 70% not make sense (at least) there are monumental resources wasted in cold and transporting the tons of this food-contained qualify middle of the give chain. Along with all the paraphernalia, trucking, freezing and frozen salt water handling inefficiency comes the polluting that parallels such industry.

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