To Maria & Kenny

To Maria,

You were a goddess, a wonderful mother, a great friend, you were simply a ray of sunlight whose love for life and your son shone upon anyone who met you. I am blessed to have had you for a friend and sister in this struggle & blessing called life. To have laughed with you razzing refs and telling you to leave Kenny alone while he mugging in a game. Thank you for your generosity and beautiful smile. I am honored to call you an Angel.

Kenny – I wish I could hold you and make this all go away. But I take solice in knowing your mom left a legacy of people like myself who honor and love you both. I am here for you period. In any way, be it a place to stay, a meal, a ride that someone else can\’t give. Expect to see me in the stands next year during your varsity games along with the girls, we will be there to cheer you on. Do not ever hesitate to call me.

~Naomi & Family

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